Joint Venture & Partnerships

We facilitate 100% Financing on the development of your property!

For 10 years now, we are the recommended development partner of choice.  Our brand, along with our professional management, construction and sales teams means we can be trusted to make the most of every opportunity.

We offer property development finance for property developers in Kenya in the form of 100% JV joint venture property development.

We work with many house builders and property developers all over Kenya, helping with the finance required to make development a reality. With more and more development requirements coming to market house builders and residential developers need the finance to invest at the right moment.

Our Joint Venture Proces


There is a need for every client to undergo an orientation on different stages and how we work together on our Joint Venture process.

Feasibility Study and Report

This is where validation of viability of the land in question takes place. The feasibility study and report is done by a team of qualified GIS/Geomatics/Surveyors within 21 working days.

Drawings and Designs

Final drawings (Architectural/Structural/BoQ/Electrical and Mechanical) for construction are done at this phase. We facilitates 70% of the professional cost while the client facilitates 30% of the professional cost involved. Designs are then taken to the relevant authority by the client for approval.

Construction Development

Site preparation and logistics must be done before the construction begins. We provide 100% of the required  construction cost.

Property Management

Sampesa Agency Limited is mandated to manage the developed property after construction. This helps in recovery of the invested amount. Sampesa Agency receives 70% of the rent income while the client receives 30%. Recovery period of the invested amount range from 3 years to 15 years.

Projects that we Jointly Venture into

Rental Apartments

If you have a prime property, we will partner with you and build rental houses which will generate regular income for you.


Is your property near a learning institution? If yes, we will partner with you in building hostels for students hence regular stream of income.

Residential Estates

With a fast growing middle class population, pportunities exist in the construction of residential. We you from start until completion.

Petrol Stations

A petrol station is one of the high profitable businesses in Kenya. If you have a prime property, we will partner with you to set up a petrol station.
If you would like us to partner with you in our joint venture program, fill the form below to your free quote today.

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